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Founded in 2002, Small Fry Studio's mission is to build games quickly, easily, and cheaply. Our focus is on creating games that are fun to play and addictive. Small Fry Studios is located in Cambridge, MA.

Our first title Hillbilly Whack! has been downloaded over 70,000+ times, and has been featured on over 35+ PC and Mac news sites.

We are currently hard at work on the sequel to Hillbilly Whack! - Hillbilly Whack! Zombie Attack!
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Saturday, April 10, 2004

New Small Fry Studios Site!

Welcome to our new site. We have finally integrated the eSeller store, Hillbilly Whack! game pages, and the rest of the Small Fry Studios stuff! We are hard at work on our next game, Hillbilly Whack! Zombie Attack! The game will be the second in the trilogy of Hillbilly Whack! Games.

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